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VaLI – A Conference Report: “Unlocking the power of values and life skills in context”

The Values and Life Skills- Africa (Vali-A) Conference was a milestone as it was the first of its kind to
be held in Africa. It was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 21st – 23rd June 2023. It brought together 185
participants from 11 countries. Among the participants were representatives from government institutions from the respective countries, various UN Agencies, Civil society organizations, Researchers,
universities and practicing teachers. This conference was hosted by the Regional Education Learning
Initiative (RELI), a regional network of 80 civil society organizations. This report presents a synthesis
of the key evidence, emerging issues of the presentations of the Conference on values and life skills
in Africa, as well as the key reflections and implications for policy and policy development. Read full report here

Values and Life skills are close to my heart for many reasons; however, the most important reason is because I am a living example of positive impact values and life skills can have on everyone, Life Skills and values have changed my life, I was given a big role a very young age.
Despite huge family and personal responsibilities, my values and possession of life skills kept me soaring high. I believe the youth must be prepared for opportunities of the 21st century skills. I was thrown into the role of being a Minister while very young, a mother raising young children and just recently finishing my Masters. Although I did well in my academics, I believe what has helped me to succeed so far is the values and life skills instilled.

Hon Lela Muhamed – Minister of Education, Zanzibar

Observations in our societies indicate that Values and life skills are not lived on a day today basis. We are paying for the lack of values and skills. Looking at the traffic on our roads, the environment and garbage issues, we are paying for lack of values in Kenya… it is clear there is lack of responsibility, respect, patience and empathy, skills of problem solving and critical thinking…Life skills are very personal, annoying us every day because we don’t have it… We cannot put the burden on the education system … schools are just a mirror of society. We need to change… this is not the first attempt on life skills’ initiatives… in Kenya there have been initiatives such as Je, Huu ni Ungwana? Ushenzi/Uungwana campaign… thus the media needs to play a constructive role in promoting values and life skills…

Dr. John Mugo, ED, Zizi Afrrique Foundation.

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