Core Objectives

ALiVE seeks to promote the assessment and acquisition of Life Skills and Values by East African children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 by achieving the following objectives under each pillar:

System Shift

Increasing capacity of Government agencies to assess and integrate life skills and values into the curricula.

Building a strong coalition with civil society organisations in and beyond RELI to promote assessment and nurturing of life skills and values in East Africa.

Generating evidence to draw attention to and increase awareness of the worth of these competences among key stakeholders (children, parents, teachers, teacher training institutions, curriculum and assessment officers).

Assessment Shift

Strengthening the ALiVE Academy (Community of Practice) to become a credible southern voice for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) measurement and advocacy.

Developing and applying (undertaking assessments) context-relevant, open-sourced tools for assessing Life Skills and Values in East Africa for in and out of school children aged 6 to 17 years.

Developing partnerships with RELI-VaLi, universities, and teacher training institutions to enhance local capacities in the assessment of life skills and values.

Learning Hub

Building a learning community to adopt the learning approach (for peer learning and feedback) among and beyond the RELI member organisations working on improving learning outcomes in East Africa.

Harvesting evidence from internal and external sources to contribute to the local and global knowledge on life skills and values.

Promoting the adoption of the learning approach to organisations’ cultures.

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Impacts & Achievements

Partnerships with Government & other NGOs
Studies conducted across region
Experts in ALiVE Team
Workshops & Conferences
Contextualized Tools
Adolescents Assessed
Media Reach

We believe that we can impact more skills..

ALiVE’s vision is that learners in East Africa are equipped with life skills and values, to support learning, working, and living in the context of the 21st century. 
No matter what challenges you face, you have found a trust worthy program that can help you.

Education System


Assessments [People, Tools, Modules]

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At the global level, ALiVE collaborates with other networks such as:  

      • Karanga
      • Life Skills Collaborative

At the national level, ALiVE collaborates with:

        • Curriculum and Assessment departments from the Ministry of Education
        • Teacher Training Colleges
        • Education departments

In each of its 4 jurisdictions, ALiVE partners with:

        • 20 local community organizations (impact partners)