System Shift

Through the system shift, strategic partnerships with the national curriculum and assessment institutes, as well as pre-service teacher training, will harness evidence to better assess competencies. This pathway will be supported through coalition-building across government and non-state agencies from the Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) through greater movement-building with parents and teachers’ associations, as well as players in the industry and other key actors.

The generated evidence which is currently being applied to influence greater public and policy awareness (parents, teachers, children), has led to advocacy for education systems to focus on developing and nurturing the core competences, as well as the establishment of a regional community of learning for strengthened capacities. In turn, this has amplified East Africa’s voice in advocating for life skills and values globally.

Advocacy has been a key pillar and during the ALiVE Phase I, the following were undertaken;

  1. Setting up the ALiVE social media platform
  2. Dissemination of the ALiVE Report at the sub-national, national and the regional level
  • Relationship building with key government departments (Curriculum, Assessments), Teacher Associations and the media (radio, TV)

ALiVE phase II will continue with its advocacy role with the hope of impacting the system through targeted programs with teacher training colleges, curriculum department, assessment department and other key stakeholders in the education sector. Under this focus area, we seek to:

  1. Increase the capacity of Government Agencies to assess and integrate in curricula life skills and values.
  2. Build strong coalition with civil society organizations in and beyond RELI to promote assessment and nurturing of life skills and values in East Africa.
  • Draw attention to and increase awareness on the worth of these competences among key stakeholders (children, parents, teachers, teacher training institutions, curriculum, and assessment officers) through the use of generated evidence.

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