Collaborating to Solve the Puzzle of Core Competencies.

The power of collaboration yields endless potential! That is why Action for Life Skills and Values in East Africa (ALiVE) believes in partnerships as it drums efforts to ensure that learners in East Africa acquire core competencies necessary to live and thrive. Read full article here

The assessment of the value of respect which ALiVE did in 2022 indicated that more than 8 out of 10 children cannot demonstrate respect at the highest level,” he said. “Values are learned at home when children are much younger. The school just reinforces the values that children have acquired from their parents, older siblings, and the environment they grow in. Hence, the need to nurture them at the earliest opportunity.

Dr. John Mugo, the Executive Director of Zizi Afrique Foundation, and Principal Investigator for the ALiVE.

We cannot change a system that we don’t understand. We cannot do it alone and we cannot do everything, at once. That is why we are collaborating and checking with respective government agencies to look at what is already being done in generic skills, or life skills and values, and asking ourselves where ALiVE can add value.

Dr. Mary Goretti Nakabugo, The Executive Director of Uwezo-Uganda and a Co-Principal Investigator at ALiVE.

ALiVE is filling a very important gap in terms of knowledge in the education sector, specifically how we measure life skills and values. Which is no mean task. ALiVE is helping us to understand how we can assess the skills, but crucially, how we can assess them in a contextually relevant way.

Eve Hadshar, a Research Specialist at the Lego Foundation.

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